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6 Internal Investigation Mistakes

As a former EEOC investigator, gone corporate then gone consultant…I’ve reviewed my share of internal discrimination investigations. Some are impressive, some are epic and well, others shouldn’t have bothered. Here’s our dirty half- dozen mistakes: 1. No report written to memorialize what happened – your notes scribbled on legal pads are often difficult for you […]


I took a Louisville Slugger to both headlights….

Retaliation. It’s funny in a country song, but in the workplace…it can mean serious trouble. The EEOC reports that in 2010, that for the first time in its history, Retaliation Charges were the most filed EEOC charge – representing 36.3% of all charges filed – that’s greater than 1 in 3!!! As a former investigator […]


Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

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Yes. Even the EEOC investigator breathing down your throat and the OFCCP compliance officer who seems to be making your job more difficult.  Having worked as an EEOC investigator and having worked the corporate side of the compliance equation, I can tell you unequivocally — we all just want to do our jobs and go […]


I love the way you lie…

Well, not really.  But you know all of those “he said/she said” situations HR folks are faced with…how in the world do you ever get to the truth?  Most internal HR professionals choose the easy way out – call it a spitting contest and err in favor of the company.  However, did you know that […]